Leora Hartman, Realtor®

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Leora Hartman, Realtor

Hi. I’m Leora Hartman. I’ve been a Real Estate Agent in Denver, Colorado for 37 years. The number one reason I’ve been in the business this long, is that I offer the best possible customer service to my clients. I make myself easy to reach and you always deal with me. I’m easy to reach through the phone, email, even social media. I’ve been through all kinds of markets and I’ve never ‘gotten out’ or ‘taken a break’ when the industry was hard. I have experience working with foreclosures, estates, buyers and sellers.

I see myself as a generational Realtor, meaning I’ve worked with multiple generations of families to help them buy or sell homes. I’m now working with the children and grandchildren of clients.

I have extensive negotiation experience with attorneys and the IRS as well as with other Real Estate Agents. What you need, I will find. Please further explore this website to learn more about me.